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Friday, December 21, 2012

First book sold out of the United States

When I logged onto my publishing accounts today, I knew I had to blog as soon as possible. I sold my first copy of Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose out of my country today, and guess where it is...the U.K.!!!!

I was so excited to share this blog today that I accidentally deleted my first draft :o

I was thinking, now that RD is officially on the mark to branch out...wouldn't it be cool to have a Promo Team?

If anyone's interested in helping me promote the Ruby Darkness Trilogy, let me know! You'll have an all access pass to RD merchandise and I'll even give you teasers and spoilers for the next RD book, The Lodix (due out in June 2013)

If you're interested in buying Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose, get it on your nook, kindle or kobo today for $2.99

I know a lot of people dream and hope to be found by a publisher. I know because I am one of those people :]

I'll end this blog off with a quote

It can easily be concluded that everyone wants to live, and sometimes you need to burn a few bridges to survive. Fate of the Rose by Victoria Leader

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